Column Profiles

What item Installation Column Profile could look like:

The item Installation Column: Supplying power, compressed air and digital media at any location

Two versions are available:

The large Installation Column Profile 8 160x160 K76 has two spacious cable conduits while the narrower Installation Profile 8 160x80 K76 has one.

All conduits can be divided into two separate areas using Partition Profiles K76 K.

The opening on the Cable conduits also accommodates Mounting Boxes, Sockets, Keystone Modules and Switches, which are simply clipped into place, with no need for machining. item offers a wide range of compatible installation devices. Open sections of the cable conduit can be cleanly closed over with the corresponding aluminium Cover Profile.

Two integral aluminium ducts are integrated into both variants in order to convey compressed air. Outlets can be fitted at any height. Each of the four sides has two Line 8 grooves that can be used to mount light fittings, monitors, Pivot Arms, notice boards, Parts Containers, etc.

Solid floor fasteners create a sound and stable footing. Depending on the device being installed, it may be necessary to use an optional Earth Connection.

The safety solution – the item Installation Column Profile integrated into guards and boundaries

The data network solution – the Installation Column Profile as a central information hub for staff

The control solution – the item Installation Column Profile as a control console for machinery

The compressed air supply solution – item Installation Column Profile as an ultra-versatile supply unit

The logistics solution – the item Installation Column as an interface for goods management

The horizontal electricity solution – the item Installation Column Profile as table-top trunking for the work bench